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What have you done with credit without credit bureau for experience, is a frequently asked question in relevant consumer forums on the Internet. Many of the answers are negative. People are warning that such loans will not be paid out, and further suggest that, in particular, credit agencies offering such offers are simply dubious. But many of these answers and testimonials come from people who have never actually taken up a credit bureau-free loan – so the answers to the question with experience are simply the reproduction of hearsay. See http://www.ukremb-tm.org/2019/05/03/debt-relief-payday-loans-find-great-payday-loan-consolidation-programs/ for a write-up

However, there is also authentic credit without credit bureau experiences. This shows again and again that especially credit intermediaries have specialized in the business with loans without credit bureau. Which is not surprising since German banks are naturally not active in this segment and therefore results in an economically interesting market situation for these providers.

Experience shows that there are both reputable and dubious providers

Experience shows that there are both reputable and dubious providers

But back to the actual initial question, which experiences borrowers have made with instant loans without credit bureau. As mentioned earlier, in most relevant cases, consumers have requested credit through the internet. It often turned out that the quality of service offered by such lending agencies is very different. The range goes from criminal to very serious. An important note in this context is:

Under German law you never have to pay any pre-payment for a loan offer, so if you are charged dubious pre-cost, you should not pay these debts, but exercise your good law as a consumer.

Such loans are possible, but expensive

Such loans are possible, but expensive

However, reports on “Credit without credit bureau experiences” also prove that such forms of raising capital are entirely possible through reliable credit brokerage. Indeed, the European financial market makes it possible to install installment loans with lenders whose head office is not in Germany but in other EU countries. However, the experience with loans without credit bureau also shows that this form of loan financing is not favorable.

This can result in up to 16% interest. A very expensive pleasure – in such a case it might even be better to use his credit line. However, experience shows that people who are looking for a non-scholarly installment loan have done just that. Here, affected people often move in the direction of debt trap, a serious situation.

Experience with credit without a certificate proves: Mostly only up to 7500, – Euro

Experience with credit without a certificate proves: Mostly only up to 7500, - Euro

So if you want a loan without credit bureau, have found a reputable lender, have a sufficient credit rating and willing to pay high interest rates, but usually has to settle for small loan amounts. The maximum loan amount for loans without credit bureau is capped in the vast majority of cases to 7500, – €.

Conclusion of the experiences made:

Many people with borrowing have already had credit experience despite credit bureau, often not good ones. Because there are numerous dubious offers in this area and the serious offers can often be used only up to a relatively low loan amount of 7500, – € and are often characterized by very high interest rates.

Also, the borrower needs for such a credit a sufficiently good credit rating, but of course without credit bureau information. If you are personally looking for an alternative option to borrow money, you should now better understand the options a home loan can offer you.

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